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Second & Final DataTAG Review
24 March 2004 - IT Auditorium


Hans-Peter Axmann        ICT Consult
Kyriakos Baxevanidis      European Commission
Karsten Decker               Decker Consulting GmbH
Symeon Papavassiliou    New jersey Institute of Technology



Morning Session

08h00 (Reviewers & PO) Opening

Objectives and organisation of the review

Selection of Rapporteur

Review strategy

08h30 (All) Project Presentations and Demonstrations

8h30:   Introduction (W. Von Rueden-IT Division Leader)                              10+5'

8h45:   WP1 Testbed (P. Moroni)                                                                       10+5

9h00:   WP2 - Advanced Networking (R. Tasker)                                   20+10

9h30:   WP3 -  Monitoring (C. De Laat)                                                               10+5

9h45:   WP4 - Grid Interoperability (C. Vistoli)                                                  20'+10

10h15: Coffee Break

10h35:  WP5 - Dissemination (R. Mondardini)                                                   15'+5

10h50: WP6 - Project Management (O. Martin)                                                 25'+15

11h30: High Performance Data Transfer Demo (R. Hughes-Jones- Y. Li)  30'+15

12h15 Sandwich Lunch

 Afternoon Session

13h00 (All) Project Demonstrations (continued)

13h00:  QoS Demos (A. Di Donato/Y. Li - P.Vicat-Blanc/F.Echantillac)        30'+15

13h45:  Advance Reservation Demo (B. van Oudenaarde/T. Ferrari)       30'+15

14h30: WP6 Main Technical achievements (JP. Martin-Flatin)               10'+5

14h45 (Reviewers & PO) Reviewer consensus meeting and conclusions 

Audit Report draft

16h00 16h30 (All) Closing of the meeting

The second time slot indicated is for questions & answers.