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Access restricted to DataTAG members and U.S. partners
 Work Packages

Project Proposal
Detailed description of the project objectives and work plan (59 pages).

Meetings & Minutes
Date, agenda and minutes of the DataTAG project meetings.

DataTAG documents and deliverables stored in CERN's password-protected document repository.

Some of these documents are password protected, others are in the public domain.

Logos of all our scientific and industrial partners.



Rules & Guidelines
Rules and guidelines for using the DataTAG testbed.

Network Maps
These maps describe the DataTAG testbed, an international research facility shared by many researchers all over the world.

IP Addresses
IP addresses of DataTAG equipment.

The DataTAG Testbed Reservation Application allows remote and local users to reserve the DataTAG link and PCs at CERN.

Usage Graphs
Usage statistics for the DataTAG 2.5Gbit/s circuit between Geneva and Chicago.



Scalable TCP patch
Scalable TCP is a simple change to the traditional TCP congestion control algorithm (RFC 2581) which dramatically improves TCP performance in high-speed WANs.

GridDT patch
This patch proposes an alternative algorithm for congestion control in TCP. It dramatically improves TCP performance in high-speed WANs and addresses the issue of RTT bias.

HSTCP patch
High-Speed TCP is a variant proposed by Sally Floyd which makes a simple change to the traditional congestion control algorithm. Over high-speed WANs, it allows faster recovery after packet loss, thus greatly improving throughput. This patch was implemented by Gareth Fairey.

Web100 patch
This freely available patch adds instrumentation to the TCP/IP code of the Linux kernel.

Net100 patch
The Net100 project members kindly make their latest patch available to us. This password-protected patch should not be redistributed. It implements Sally Floyd's HighSpeed TCP proposal.


DataTAG is a project sponsored by the European Commission - EU Grant IST-2001-32459