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This page includes the slides presented by DataTAG members during conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. The slides of the talks given during DataTAG meetings can be found in the Member Area, work package by work package.

Title Location Date By
PFLDnet 2005 Lyon, France February 2005 G. Racanelli
ON*VECTOR Photonics Workshop 2004 San Diego, CA, USA March 2004 L. Gommans
TERENA TF-AACE Workshop Malaga, ES November 2003 L. Gommans
Seminar at UIC Chicago, IL, USA October 2003 L. Gommans
NORDUnet 2003 Reykjavik, Iceland August 2003 J.P. Martin-Flatin
GGF8 Seattle, USA June 2003 P. Vicat-Blanc
GGF8 Seattle, USA June 2003 L. Gommans
EDG Conference Barcelona, ES May 2003 C. Vistoli
TNC 2003 Zagreb, Croatia May 2003 J.P. Martin-Flatin
RIPE-45 Barcelona April 2003 P. Moroni
UKERNA meeting Amsterdam, NL April 2003 L. Gommans
CHEP 2003
Talk 1
Talk 2
La Jolla, CA, USA
March 2003

S. Andreozzi
F. Donno
Seminar at JAIST Ishikawa, Japan March 2003 J.P. Martin-Flatin
MB-NG Workshop at UCL
Talk 1
Talk 2
London, UK February 2003
L. Gommans
B. van Oudenaarde
AcrossGrids 2003 Santiago, ES February 2003 O. Martin
APM Barcelona, ES February 2003 P. Moroni
Switch Bern, CH January 2003 P. Moroni
EuroWeb 2002 Oxford, UK December 2002 S. Ludwig
WorldGrid 2002 Geneva, CH November 2002 L. Vaccarossa
SC 2002 Baltimore, MD, USA November 2002 B. van Oudenaarde
IST 2002 Copenhagen, DK November 2002 C. Vistoli
Seminar at UIC Chicago, IL, USA October 2002 L. Gommans
GGF6 Chicago, IL, USA October 2002 L. Gommans
HICB Meeting at GGF6 Chicago, IL, USA October 2002 O. Martin
HNF-Europe Workshop 2002 Reading, UK October 2002 J.P. Martin-Flatin
iGrid 2002: Demo Cern-UMich

                  Demo Cern-Triumf

Amsterdam, NL September 2002 W.A. Adamson

B.C. Wade Hong

Seminar at University of Twente Enschede, NL September 2002 J.P. Martin-Flatin
DataGrid Conference Budapest, Hungary September 2002 S. Andreozzi
DataGrid Conference Budapest, Hungary September 2002 F. Donno
INFN Grid Workshop Napoli, IT June 2002 O. Martin
GridStart Meeting at HPC 2002 Cetrano, IT June 2002 M. Mazzucato
Internet2 Spring Meeting Arlington, VA, USA May 2002 O. Martin
CEOS (ESA) Workshop Frascati, IT May 2002 M. Mazzucato
Conference in Romania Bucharest, Romania April 2002 O. Martin
Fourth DataGrid Conference Paris, FR March 2002 O. Martin
Lishep Rio, Brazil February 2002 O. Martin
Project Summary
(Research Networks Brochure)
  January 2002 O. Martin
Virtual Internet2 Member Meeting CERN, CH October 2001 O. Martin,
P. Moroni
GGF3 Frascati, IT September 2001 O. Martin


To add a new presentation to this list, please contact Rosy.