Instrumenting GridFTP with NetLogger




This page provides information about the methods I used while trying to integrate NetLogger with two different versions of the GridFTP. When I began my internship in April 2003, the latest version of NetLogger was 2.0.13 and the latest version of GridFTP was 2.4.0. To avoid running after a moving target, it was decided to stick to these versions throughout my internship.

Porting NetLogger 2.0.13 to GridFTP 2.0 is fairly straightforward and can be done by downloading a few specific files and making changes to some Makefiles. I am still working on porting NetLogger 2.0.13 to GridFTP 2.4.0.

Very recently, NetLogger 2.2 was released by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I did not have the time to investigate it. It might be easier to instrument GridFTP with this new version of NetLogger.