Useful Material on SCTP



RFC 2960 - SCTP
RFC 3257 - SCTP Applicability Statement
RFC 3286 - An Introduction to SCTP
RFC 3309 - SCTP Checksum Change
RFC 3436 - Transport Layer Security over SCTP

Internet Drafts

SCTP Implementer's Guide

Relevant Technical Reports

SCTP versus TCP: Comparing the Performance of Transport Protocols for Web Traffic
Congestion Control on TCP and SCTP over Satellite Networks
Performance Evaluation of SCTP
SCTP in Battlefield Networks
SCTP and TCP Variants Congestion Control Under Multiple Losses
SCTP Congestion Window Overgrowth During Changeover
Experimental studies of SCTP multi-homing
SCTP Congestion Control Performance in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

Other Technical Reports

SCTP The Design of a New Protocol
A Two-level Threshold Recovery Mechanism for SCTP
Improving Multimedia Performance Over Lossy Networks via SCTP
Making SCTP More Robust to Changeover
Modeling SCTP Latency with Multihoming and Failovers
SCTP Multistreaming Design Ideas on Preferential Treatment Among Streams


SCTP in Supercomputing
Introduction to SCTP
SCTP v/s TCP A Comparison of Transport Protocols for Web Traffic  
SCTP and the LKSCTP Project


SCTP patch for Linux Kernel 2.4.20


SCTP for Beginners
LKSCTP Project
Protocol Engineering Lab