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Instrumenting GridFTP with NetLogger


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Being able to monitor distributed systems can effectively contribute to enhance performance. A common misconception about systems such as Grids is that unexpected low performance is always due to network congestion. In reality, bottlenecks occur not only in the network, but also often in the applications running on top of it.

In Grid computing, being able to monitor the application often gives developers insight into the bottlenecks of the system, and can point them to the right direction as to where changes are required. Monitoring can thus help improve performance regardless of the congestion in the network.

We looked at instrumenting GridFTP, a Grid-oriented FTP tool developed at Argonne National Laboratory and distributed with the Globus Toolkit, with NetLogger, a monitoring tool developed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. This website includes information on the two toolkits, installation guidelines, links to background information, and hints & tips for sysadmins.


This research activity is part of WP3, task 3.3 of the EU-funded DataTAG project. This work was performed by Shakib Mostafa from Imperial College, London, UK during his six-month internship at CERN in 2003. If you have questions about this Web site, please contact us.