First International Workshop
on Protocols for Fast
Long-Distance Networks

February 3-4, 2003
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland







Practical Info

Technical Program

Monday, February 3, 2003

Time Authors Title
9:00 am

Welcome Speech

  Plenary Session 1

9.15 am

Sally Floyd, ICIR, USA

HighSpeed TCP and Quick-Start for Fast Long-Distance Networks [abstract, slides]

10:15 am Coffee Break
  Session 1: New TCPs
10:45 am Dina Katabi, MIT, USA Congestion Control for High Bandwidth-Delay Product Networks [extended abstract]
11:15 am Tom Kelly, University of Cambridge, UK Scalable TCP: Improving Performance in HighSpeed Wide Area Networks [full paper, slides]
11:45 am Cheng Jin, David Wei, Steven Low, J. Bunn, D.H. Choe, J.C. Doyle, H. Newman, S. Ravot, S. Singh, Caltech, USA,
G. Buhrmaster and R.L.A. Cottrell, Stanford University, USA,
and F. Paganini, UCLA, USA
FAST Kernel: Background Theory and Experimental Results [extended abstract, slides]
12:15 pm Lunch
  Session 2: Measurements
1:30 pm Linda Winkler, Argonne National Lab, USA Experiences Building and Utilizing High Performance Network Infrastructure [abstract]
2:00 pm Antony Antony, NIKHEF, The Netherlands, Johan Blom, Cees de Laat, Jason Lee and Wim Sjouw, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands Characterization of TCP Flows over Large-Fat Networks [abstract, slides]
2:30 pm Sylvain Ravot, Caltech, USA GridDT [abstract, slides]
3:00 pm Sven Ubik and Pavel Cimbal, Cesnet, Czech Republic Debugging End-to-End Performance in Commodity Operating Systems [extended abstract, slides]
3:30 pm Coffee Break
  Session 3: Life Without TCP
4:00 pm Bill St. Arnaud, Wade Hong, Corrie Kost and Bryan Caron, Canarie, Canada High speed data file transfer over dedicated lightpaths [abstract, slides]
4:30 pm Steven Wallace, Indiana University, USA Tsunami File Transfer Protocol [abstract, slides]
  Panel 1
5:00 pm Will Optical Networking Make IP Routing Obsolete?
(G. Almes, L. Winkler, B. St. Arnaud)
6:45 pm Bus
7:00 pm  Social Event
11:00 pm Bus


Tuesday, February 4, 2003

Time Authors Title
  Plenary Session 2

9.00 am

John Doyle, Caltech, USA

What Would a Theory of the Internet Look Like?

10:00 am Coffee Break
  Session 4: Theoretical Aspects
10:30 am U. Ayesta, K.E. Avratchenkov, E. Altman, C. Barakat, INRIA, France and P. Dube, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA Multilevel Approach for Modeling TCP/IP
[full paper, slides]
11:00 am Abhinav Kamra and Vishal Misra, Columbia University, USA and Don Towsley, UMass, USA Achieving High Throughput in Low Multiplexed, High Bandwidth, High Delay Environments [full paper]
11:30 am Malathi Veeraraghavan, H. Lee and X. Zheng, Polytechnic University, USA File transfers across optical circuit-switched networks [full paper]
12:00 pm Milan Vojnovic and Jean-Yves Le Boudec, EPFL, Switzerland, Don Towsley, UMass, USA and Vishal Misra, Columbia University, USA A Note on the Stochastic Bias of Some Increase-Decrease Congestion Controls: HighSpeed TCP Case Study [full paper, slides]
12:30 pm Lunch
  Session 5: Monitoring
2.00 pm R. Les Cottrell and Connie Logg, Stanford University, USA Experiences and Results from a New High Performance Network and Application Monitoring Toolkit [full paper, slides]
2:30 pm Brian Tierney, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, USA Using NetLogger and Web100 for TCP Analysis [extended abstract, slides]
3:00 pm

Coffee Break

  Session 6: Close to Hardware
3.30 pm Richard Hughes-Jones, S. Dallison and G. Fairey, University of Manchester, UK, P. Clarke and I. Bridge, UCL, UK Performance Measurements on Gigabit Ethernet NICs and Server Quality Motherboards [full paper]
4:00 pm Allyn Romanow, Cisco Systems, USA and Stephen Bailey, Sandburst Corp., USA An Overview of RDMA over IP [full paper, slides]
  Panel 2
4:30 pm Does TCP Have a Future in Fast Long-Distance Networks?
(D. Towsley, R. Hughes-Jones, S. Floyd)
5:30 pm

Closing Speech

6:00 pm

TPC Meeting


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