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Research & Technological development for a TransAtlantic Grid

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Agenda of 1st EU DataTAG  Review

19 March 2003

CERN (Geneva), IT Auditorium, building 31-3-004.


08:30. (Reviewers & POOpening

                                         Objectives and organisation of the review

                                         Selection of Rapporteur

                                          Review strategy

09:00 (All)                          Project Presentations/Demonstrations

                                           9h00: Introduction (W. Von Rueden-IT Division Leader)   10'+5'

                                           9h15:  WP6 - Project Status, Management (O. Martin)      20'+10'

                                           9h45:  WP2 + WP3 - Advanced Networking (R. Tasker)     20'+10'

                                           10h15:  WP4 - Grid interoperability  (C.Vistoli)                  15'+5'

                                           10h35: Coffee break                                                     

                                           10h50:  Grid interoperability Demo (C. Vistoli)                 20'+10'

                                           11h20:   WP5 - Dissemination (R. Mondardini)                  5'+5"

                                           11h30:   WP6 - Plans for year 2 (JP Martin-Flatin)            10'+5'

                                            The second indicated time is dedicated for questions.

                                            11h45:   DataTAG testbed tour (P. Moroni)                      15'

12:00                                   Lunch

13:00 (All)                            Reviewer questions (cont.), discussion with project

14:00 (Reviewers & PO)       Reviewer consensus meeting and conclusions 

                                 Audit Report draft

15:30 16.00 (All)                Closing of the meeting

Public version of the DataTAG CD: [zip]